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Halo Reach premieres at VGA’s Dec. 12

Well, this happened sooner then I expected.

The Spike Video Game Award show people have been hinting for a while now that they would have some pretty mind-blowing exclusives video game premieres this time around. And it looks like they’ve just won quite a victory. According to their website, the first footage of Halo Reach will be premiering at the VGA’s on December 12.

Well it looks like I’ll be tuning in December 12th, how about you guys? Interested in seeing Halo Reach?



That’s right, the Halo Legends first anime episode – “The Babysitter” – has aired on Halo Waypoint for this Saturday only. The story follows a squad of ODST’s who have been assigned the important mission of assassinating a Covenant Prophet, but the mission takes a strange turn when a Spartan joins them and soon the ancient ODST and Spartan rivalry escalates.

It was actually way better then I expected, and thankfully I found it on YouTube for everyone without a Xbox 360 or Halo Waypoint to view. I would still recommend anyone with a 360 go see it now, it looks way better streaming on your HD TV then it does on YouTube. Just download the Halo Waypoint app off Xbox Live Marketplace, boot it up, and the episode should be there.

Post in the comments what you think about it, I’m interested in hearing what you folks think of it.

UPDATE: Hey folks, quick update. Looks like Microsoft took down the YouTube videos, sorry folks 😦

Review – Axel & Pixel


Systems – Xbox Live Arcade

Publisher – 2K Play

Developer – Silver Wish Games

Genre – Adventure

Axel & Pixel is a point-and-click adventure game where you play as Axel a painter, and Pixel his dog. After a nap you two wake up to find yourselves in a strange world, now you must embark upon an incredible journey to get back home. It’s a charming and fun quest, propelled by the games great humor and fantastic characters, if shallow with many rotten spots.

What immediately jumps out as you boot up the game is how amazing the game looks, is employs a weird and barely used art style of using real world textures and environments with very Nickelodeon-looking cartoon characters exploring it. It’s a very surreal look and sometimes downright unsettling and creepy with a very Dark Crystal-esque vibe that’s almost dark in nature as some pretty intense things happen that offsets the cartoon happy-go-lucky attitude it has sometimes.

The game is divided up by seasons, starting off in Spring and ending at Winter where you’ll face off against a final enemy. In total the game has 24 levels which is a decent-sized experience, made more memorable by its charming cast of characters. It has a very child-like quality to its humor, but it works well and I found myself smiling and laughing throughout the adventure.


Unfortunately the game is marred but its simplistic gameplay, unlike most popular adventure games Axel & Pixel mostly does everything for you. From auto-equipping items you need to use, to having a built-in clue system in the game. I never had to use a single clue as puzzles in the game can primary be solved by moving your cursor around the environment until it lights up telling you that you can manipulate it. In a way the game is almost more of a photo-hunting game instead of an adventure game.

The game tries to mix up the experience, but ultimately fails. First off the game will sometimes throw odd and very forgiving quick-time events into the mix, which really don’t add anything to the experience and are poorly implemented. Also between transitions into new season there’s driving levels that are downright frustrating and resemble bad flash games.

The two worst are the sailing mini-game and the hot air balloon mini-game, the problem is they take damage when you run into the environment, and with the games weird art style is can be hard to tell what’ll hurt you and what’s just a background object. While the last mini-game, a driving section, seems like a bad rip-off of Trials HD and is almost completely mindless and boring.


Axel & Pixel is a very charming, funny, and interesting experience with an amazing art style and a great cast of characters. It’s a good-sized adventure, but the simplistic gameplay will probably turn-off many adventure game fans and the weak QTE’s and terrible driving sections will drive many other people off. If you can slog through the poor gameplay, you’ll find a charming little game hiding inside waiting to jump out and grab your heart.