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According to a quote from Craig Fairbrass, who was the voice actor for both Gaz in CoD4 and Ghost in MW2, there’s a Modern Warfare spin-off game being made based on Ghost. The quote goes a little something like this:

I did in the last game a voice for a character called Gaz and in this game I’m now voicing a guy called Ghost, who now just got a spin-off comic of his own and they’re talking about another little game to go with it,

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t really remember anyone from the Call of Duty games except Captain Price (because he’s really a staple Call of Duty character) and Soap  (mainly because my friend was yelling “GET SOAPY!” everytime I played him in Call of Duty4). So when I find out that a spin-off game is being made off Modern Warfare 2 character ‘Ghost’ I say “Wat?”.

Not that I don’t know who Ghost is after playing MW2, and yeah he’s cool with his mask and everything, but really? I already support the conspiracy theory that Ghost is actually Gaz from CoD4, and I really don’t need any more backstory to try and convince me otherwise.

Another thing to note, Fairbrass says that it’s only a little game being made about Ghost which makes it sound like some flash game. But knowing Activision and Infinity Ward and how well Modern Warfare 2 is selling this will probably be little at least in the sense of a Xbox Live Arcade game, or a full retail game. I really don’t know what to think about this, more Modern Warfare is great I guess…

Am I the only one who thinks this is funny? Modern Warfare is already a spin-off from the Call of Duty series, so Modern Warfare: Ghost is a spin-off of a spin-off?

What do you folks think? Does Ghost deserve his own game?

Source’s: 1up, Joystiq, That Videogame Blog.



According to a EA job listing it looks like Dead Space 2 will totally have multiplayer, which sounds really crazy to me. At least competitive mutliplayer sounds really weird, but a Dead Space horde mode would rock my goddamn socks off. Here’s a quote from the job listing:

Seeking a highly motivated Senior Online Level Designer for the Dead Space franchise on Xbox360 and PS3. This is a major opportunity to contribute creatively to an exciting new franchise.

So yeah, maybe this’ll increase the value of Dead Space 2 so that there’s more people to hold on to it instead of trading it in. But right now I’m only looking forward to the single-player campaign as Dead Space 1 had one of the best single-player experiences this generation.

What do you folks think? Yay or nay for Dead Space multiplayer? And what kind of multiplayer would you want?

Source: Joystiq


Systems – PS3

Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer – Naughty Dog

Genre – Action/Adventure

I never really got aboard the hype train for Uncharted 2 when it was announced. Even when I played the game at PAX I was even more confused at why people were so hyped up about the game. I really enjoyed the first Uncharted but never really thought it would become the large, much beloved franchise it has turned into. After playing this game I can understand the hype better, yet I believe it’s not quite as good as people claim.

As soon as the game kicks off you know what it is, the action movie equivalent of video games. It’s mostly about the flash and bang with loads of high-octane combat and amazing set-pieces. But as soon as the game goes for a long pause you realize what it really is. Pretty silly and dumb.

In the beginning of Uncharted 2 you find a mortally wounded Nathan Drake hanging off a train suspended over a precipice. And as you make your way back to safety the game utilizes flashbacks to show you what happened to Drake and how he got into this dire situation. It’s a fantastic way of kicking off a game and really keeps you pressing on to find out what happened, but in the end it comes off as anticlimactic as you find out what happened to Drake and the cheap copout Naughty Dog pulls.

And that’s mostly the theme you’ll be dealing with throughout Uncharted 2, from amazing moving set-pieces to highly intense ‘boss’ fights with helicopters and tanks. And then when the game takes pause to tell the story or to throw some puzzles at you, you’ll be in a downer until you get back into the next shooty-bang section.

Concerning the story, there seems to be something missing from it. In Uncharted 2 you get caught up in an adventure concerning Marco Polo and his lost ships that seems like something ripped out a potential Indiana Jones movie. But ultimately the story seems almost aimless most of the time compared to the determination and focus of the first game. For most of the game you’ll be wondering who you’re chasing after, and if Marco Polo’s mysteries even matter anymore.

Comparing this game to its predecessor again the characters seem to be more tired and worn-out this time and much less interesting. Drake is less entertaining and funny, the romantic relationship between him and new female character Chole seems awkward and unbelievable, and there’s a lot less interesting banter between characters this time. Compared to the last game which was filled with a compelling adventure and likable and fun characters, this game just doesn’t have any of that.

Also the first game had way more puzzles than the second game, which would’ve been forgiven if the puzzles were interesting and entertaining, but Uncharted 2 keeps the first games old sin of just outright telling you how to solve the puzzle. When you approach a puzzle Drake will say “HEY, I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE!!11one!” and the game will flash a journal icon telling you to open it, which then tells you exactly how to solve the puzzle before you. It seems like Naughty Dog can’t design smart puzzles because they have to come outright and tell you how to solve them.


One of the most obviously great things about the game is just how good it looks, and damn does it look good. Sometimes I felt like my brain couldn’t handle just how much work had been put into making the game look amazing with such careful attention to detail. And thankfully the campaign takes advantage of this by taking you to many different environments. The animations of Nathan Drake are also amazing, which are incredibly realistic and well-implemented into the situation Drake happens to find himself in.

One much improved feature of Uncharted 2 is the gun and mêlée combat, guns actually have a weight to them and enemies go down way quicker, with head shots that actually do something this time.  And mêlée combat seems to have been improved to becoming something more than mashing on the Square button, including counters and environmentally aware combos.

The game also tries to introduce stealth combat where if an enemy is unaware of you, you can silently approach them and take them out without anyone else noticing. It’s incredible simplistic, and ultimately useless as the shooting is so awesome that you just want to mess fools up that way.

Unfortunately the cover system still hasn’t been improved too much, and it’s still hard to get out of cover and move to different pieces of cover. To a point where the cover system was hampering my experience as I was getting killed over and over again because Drake was so fond of the chest-high wall he was hiding behind that he would ignore me when I tried to get him out-of-the-way of grenades.

And here’s a brief mention of multiplayer, it’s good and more then the tacked-on feature people were expecting. It’s a progression system that every multiplayer has where you’ll get perks and such to improve your dude. It’s solid and fun, something that’s a nice bonus for people buying the game and worth checking out.


Uncharted 2 as an action game is incredible and outstanding, but as a successor to the first Uncharted it’s almost a disappointment. The puzzles are – still – way too simple and makes you feel even stupider when the developers try to tell you exactly how the puzzles need to be solved. And the cover system is still broken and gets in the way of the excellent combat. On that note gun-combat is fantastic, mêlée combat is fun, and multiplayer is good and worth checking out.

In the end though it’s the characters and story that take the biggest hit, which is a great shame as Uncharted 1 had amazing character interaction and banter with a driven story that this game lacks. But the end cut-scene of the game made me smile and instantly reminded me of Uncharted 1, this convinced me that the Uncharted series has potential to regain what it lost in this game, and makes me hopeful for the future.