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Last time they teased us with part 1 of the Halo Legends episode “The Package”, but now it’s fully up on Halo Legends just for today! It’s mindless fun with neat little action bits, but ultimately not the memorable.

I know the VGA’s are starting here shortly, but give “The Package” a little look while you’re waiting for the Halo Reach premiere. And it’ll be gone tomorrow, so get your serving today before it’s gone!


Sotaro Tojima Moves to 343 Industries

According to a twit from the official Halo Waypoint twitter account, Sotaro Tojima formerly of Kojima Productions has moved to Microsoft’s Halo studio 343 Industries as an audio director. Tojima did a lot of work in the sound department at Kojima¬†Productions for many of the Metal Gear Solid games, until he moved on to work on the soundtrack on MGS4. That’s some strong talent Microsoft picked up.

Looks like Halo’s power (AKA Money) captures developers of all kinds, I’m interested in seeing how the Halo soundtrack evolves¬†with this new influence on board. If Halo 3: ODST has taught us anything, it’s that the Halo series soundtrack doesn’t always need to be in the style of space opera.

Halo Reach premieres at VGA’s Dec. 12

Well, this happened sooner then I expected.

The Spike Video Game Award show people have been hinting for a while now that they would have some pretty mind-blowing exclusives video game premieres this time around. And it looks like they’ve just won quite a victory. According to their website, the first footage of Halo Reach will be premiering at the VGA’s on December 12.

Well it looks like I’ll be tuning in December 12th, how about you guys? Interested in seeing Halo Reach?