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Log on PSN today and you’ll get a little surprise, the Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time demo is up! Well, one of them anyway. Since the word is Clank and Ratchet will be rolling separately for most of the game Sony decided this calls for two demos!

Yes, today you can download the neat little Clank demo which shows off how his side of the story will play out, lots of time-manipulation puzzles and platforming. I was on the fence about if I should rent or buy this game, but this demo has pushed me a little over to the ‘BUY’ side.

Since the Clank demo was released this last Thursday, I feel like it’s a safe bet we’ll see the Ratchet demo this coming Thursday, maybe sooner if Sony wants to get it out before the game releases October 27th.

What did you folks think of the demo? Are you going to buy the game? Or just rent it?


Resistance 3 Accidently Revealed

Resistance 3

I feel sorry for Sony, all of their stuff gets leaked! From the PS3 Slim announcement to the PSPGo announcement to accidently leaking the full version of Undead Knights up on PSN for free! And the Sony leak train keeps on rollin’!

According to NeoGAF and Destructoid this screen shot came from the set of the upcoming action/sci-fi film Battle: Los Angeles (Never heard of it myself). Not that it was a big secret Insomniac was making Resistance 3 after the cliff hanger ending and critical acclaim Resistance 2 had. I just don’t think Sony wanted to reveal it this way. Especially since the movie was supposed to come out until February 2011.

By studying the logo it looks like the game could take place in New York, with the Statue of Liberty in the ‘A’  giving it away.

I don’t know how I feel about fighting in New York, Resistance 2 had a lot of urban combat already, it doesn’t seem like the big epic setting I was expecting after the amazing ending to Resistance 2. But regardless, I’m looking forward to hearing more information on the game.

(Sources: Destructoid and NeoGAF)