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Both Kane and Lynch have fallen on some dark days for a while now thanks to a mediocre game and the incredible controversy surrounding it, so when Eidos announced Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days everyone ignored it. I myself have never played the first game so I cannot judge it, but the controversy is disgusting if it’s true and Eidos should be ashamed for what happened. But that’s all in the past now, let’s look towards the future.

It seems like the future includes the first full trailer for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, and despite it being CGI and showing nothing about the game, I’m pretty excited and interested in the game after watching the trailer. I can’t really put my finger on what makes the trailer so good, but for some reason it just hooks me. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself. You folks think I’m crazy for liking the trailer or for being interested in the game?



My Darksiders hype train keeps on a-rollin’ with this new dev diary from Joe Madureira the creative director at Vigil Games. Lots of badass content here to get you excited about the game as well shows just how large and epic the game is.

I actually just pre-ordered Darksiders and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Look out for a review of it hopefully as well. Are you guys hyped about Darksiders?


This week EA and Visceral Games have revealed the sixth circle of Hell “Heresy”. This looks very much like the common fire-and-brimstone representation of Hell. Lots of people burning and screaming, pretty nasty place I must say.

They also discuss the controversy surrounding the game, and make some interesting points. They are indeed taking creative liberties with the property to make it better suited for a game. Hopefully this works out for them, andI get more excited for the game every time I see it.

Check out the trailer below. What do you folks think? Has Visceral really took everything interesting about the book and ruined it? Or have they overstepped their bounds in making this game? Post in the comments!