EA has announced that you’ll be able to go to hell in December with the Dante’s Inferno demo. This is quite an interesting move since Visceral’s last HD game, Dead Space, had no demo until after the game was released. Hopefully this’ll mean that people will get a taste of the game, like it, and buy it.

This is also great for people who seem to have their panties in a twist over how Dante’s Inferno the game is apparently ruining Dante’ Inferno the literary work. They can now intelligently decide if they should get the game or not instead of just flaming it on the interwebs with no knowledge of the game whatsoever.

The demo will be the very first moments of the game where you’ll battle Death (Yep, the Grim Reaper himself) and take his scythe which will be one of your main weapons throughout the game.  Also it should include a couple of cutscenes and a good chuck of gameplay for you to taste.  Sounds like quite the demo to me.

What do you folks think? Are you willing to give Dante’s Inferno a chance? Or dismiss it out of hand?