So the October NPD sales data has hit us, and there’s really not that many surprises. Wii and DS continue to murder with Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort as its best selling software this month. PS3 continues to ride the increased sales wave of its recent price drop, and PSP sales are low as usual. Halo 3: ODST continues to sell well, and people love the NBA.

Some surprises though. Uncharted 2 was a big hit it seems selling a half million copies, Borderlands sells roughly 400K on the 360 (PS3 not on the list) which was much better than it being sent out to die as some said. Forza 3 races at a steady pace with 175K, and Kingdom Hearts sells well for the DS at 169K.

One little disapointing thing to note, Brutal Legend isn’t on the Top 10, though according to Geoff Keighley’s twit it sold roughly 215K on both the 360 and PS3 combined. Maybe I’ll pick up a copy of the game someday.

Check out the full data sheet below. Any surprises for you folks? Tell me in the comments!

PlayStation 2 117.8K
PlayStation 3 320.6K
PSP 174.6K
Xbox 360 249.7K
Wii 506.9K
Nintendo DS 457.6K

UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES (PS3; Oct-09) 537,000
WII FIT PLUS* (WII; Oct-09) 441,000
BORDERLANDS (360; Oct-09) 418,000
WII SPORTS RESORT* (WII; Jul-09) 314,000
NBA 2K10* (360; Oct-09) 311,000
HALO 3: ODST (360; Sep-09) 271,000
NBA 2K10* (PS3; Oct-09) 213,000
FORZA MOTORSPORT 3 (360; Oct-09) 175,000
KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS (NDS; Sep-09) 169,000
FIFA SOCCER 10 (360; Oct-09) 156,000