That’s right, the Halo Legends first anime episode – “The Babysitter” – has aired on Halo Waypoint for this Saturday only. The story follows a squad of ODST’s who have been assigned the important mission of assassinating a Covenant Prophet, but the mission takes a strange turn when a Spartan joins them and soon the ancient ODST and Spartan rivalry escalates.

It was actually way better then I expected, and thankfully I found it on YouTube for everyone without a Xbox 360 or Halo Waypoint to view. I would still recommend anyone with a 360 go see it now, it looks way better streaming on your HD TV then it does on YouTube. Just download the Halo Waypoint app off Xbox Live Marketplace, boot it up, and the episode should be there.

Post in the comments what you think about it, I’m interested in hearing what you folks think of it.

UPDATE: Hey folks, quick update. Looks like Microsoft took down the YouTube videos, sorry folks 😦