gran turismo psp 2

Gamefly was happy to send me this game right away after I put it in my GameQ, now I’m not really a driving game kinda’ dude, the furthest I’ve ever step into the genre was my safe little hole called Burnout. But after playing the Forza 3 demo, I found out something. I REALLY like racing games. This realization urged me on to try out Gran Turismo on the PSP, an entry from the popular console series of games that I’ve never played.

After popping the UMD into the handheld and starting it up, it immediately went  “DUDE, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK OUT THE CHALLENGE AREA TO LEARN HOW TO NOT SUCK AT THIS GAME!”. Shrugging my shoulders I opened up the challenge mode and started up the first mission. I’m not sure what it was trying to teach me really, as all I had to do was stop the car inside a little box.

Bleh, said I, race time!

Before that however I decided to check out the cars that I could buy at that dealership. The games generously gives you quite a lot of credits in the beginning to mess around and buy some cars. Now, I’ve read that the game has over 800 cars which is quite an impressive number, but the weird thing is that the game doesn’t show them all to you. The game tracks your progress with ‘Days’, each time you race a day goes by, and each day a new set of cars will show up.

It’s kinda weird that they don’t just have them all there for you to pick and choose what you want, instead of relying on luck, hoping they have the car you wanted.


After that I bought a couple of cars and got into the meat of the game, the single player race mode. Now a terrible mistake the developers did that I noticed right away was they did not create a career mode for you to race in, instead you just pick from a list of a bunch of tracks and races. And you even have to unlock harder AI modes on EACH TRACK so it becomes boring having to out race D ranked AI constantly.

Now the driving itself is fine, cars sound good and each are different to drive and are fun to learn how they work. The graphics in the game are pretty impressive considering it’s on a PSP, the stand-outs being the car models themselves while the environments looked kinda’ plain and dry.

Overall I had fun with the little bit I played of it, even if the experience was very unstructured and confused as a whole.

That was my first hour of Gran Turismo, stay tuned for a review coming out this week.