Undead Knights logo

Systems – PSP

Publisher – Tecmo Koei

Developer – Team Tachyon

Genre – Hack ‘N Slash

Undead Knights follows the story of three warriors as they get killed and get resurrected by this mysterious character called ‘The Beast’ and are out for revenge against the queen who ordered them killed. It’s a silly nonsense story that thankfully doesn’t take itself seriously and really is only there to move the game along.

The stand-out feature of Undead Knights that saves it from becoming a boring hack ‘n slash is that instead of just killing enemies you can convert them into zombies to fight on your side. And while you can just have a bunch of zombies running around killing people, you can also take control of them and send them to attack specific targets. And watching twenty zombies rip a dude apart is once of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done in a game.


The game branches out with puzzles where you have to get a certain amount of zombies to do something. Can’t cross the cliff to get into the castle? Don’t worry, send you zombies over and they’ll make a bridge for you. Gotta’ hold up a ceiling from killing you? No problem, send in the zombies to hold it up for you! The zombies are used in hilarious ways which adds a bunch of personality to the game that other hack ‘n slash games lack.

And the zombies are used for more than just puzzles, you can also toss them at enemies, or slam them in the ground for massive damage. This is important as many enemies have weakness that only the zombies can exploit, indeed the a problem I see for people playing this game is that the character they control often can’t too much by himself and you’ll be relying on zombies a lot. I didn’t find it that big of a deal because I found the zombies to be awesome and fun to use.


With the awesome zombies and solid combat the game only gets better with its over-the-top nature. The soundtrack only consists of over-the-top cheesy hair metal, and the blood that flies on your kill when you’re killing a dude is really cool, and overall makes the game feel more insane if making bridges out of zombies didn’t already give you that feeling.

But Undead Knights unfortunately has deep issues that really hold it back, for example the game is a descent length for a handheld game, but the game’s sole chance of having any replay value is destroyed due to the fact that all three characters have the same upgrade system which is greatly depressing, and the characters really don’t play that much differently themselves. After you beat the game there’s no reason you should pick this game back up.

Another problem is that it inherits a major flaw from its Dynasty Warrior heritage, the game will get very repetitive where you’ll be stuck in entire sections repeating the same things over and over again. And it even pulls the old BS of re-fighting all of the bosses at the end of the game.

Also the game will probably bore you with its dull, uninteresting environments. I hope you like the colours grey and brown, because there’s a lot of it here.

undead knights blah

In the end, Undead Knights has an amazing premise and concept, a fun system for controlling zombies and using them in hilarious ways, tons of interesting enemies to use them on with hair-metal playing in the background. It’s quite the amusing and over-the-top experience. Unfortunately the game is dragged down by boring and bland environments, total lack of replay value, and its repetitive nature.