The time has finally come, from the leaked concept art Epic Mickey looked like it would stand up to its namesake. A post-apocalyptic Disney World that Mickey would have to paint life back into. This Wii exclusive game being developed by legendary game designer Warren Spector (Creator of Deus Ex and Thief) has sparked something in many gamers across the internet, a chance to experience our favorite mouse in a darker, more mature setting that we thought would never come.

Kingdom Hearts was a big step for Disney in turning its trademark character into a  keyblade-wielding badass. But the Fallout-esque wasteland with twisted animatronic Disney Land characters as your enemies seemed too good to be true…Well it just got even better.

Game Informer has revealed the cover of it’s next issue with something amazing, even beyond what I thought possible. Instead of a Roadwarrior wasteland, we have something dark, sinister, shadowy…Evil. This is a direction no one saw coming.

Pick up this issue of Gamer Informer as soon as it hits the magazine rack, something wicked is coming our way…And it’s going to be Epic.

Check out the following link for Game Informer’s original article.

Also check out the interview with Warren Spector on his love for Mickey Mouse.