Early this morning I logged onto the PSN store for the PSP and lo and behold the demo for Undead Knights was up. The action hack n’ slash from Koei Tecmo was a game I’ve  been looking forward to a while, with it’s cheesy story and setting and the unique feature of turing enemies into zombies for you to command to do things like…make zombie bridges!

As it was a demo, I wasn’t expecting it to last very long, but there was several odd things about the demo. First off all the characters were unlocked, second off all the difficulty levels were unlocked, and third the japanese demo for the game was only about 100 mb’s while the US version was 500 mb’s! Big difference.

So I’ve been now playing the game for a while, and onto the sixth level. This is weird, I think to myself. This is a pretty big ass demo! Well, I was wrong. After searching the interwebs I found through users on multiple forums that it was actually the full game, Sony screwed up and put the full thing up and not the demo bit.

To confirm this I checked up on the PSN store, and Sony has pulled the ‘demo’ from the store. Look’s like it was true.

Koei Tecmo probably had a lot potential customers lost over this today, I wonder how they’ll respond? All we can do now is sit back and laugh at another epic fail from Sony.