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Well, this probably made my day folks. CVG has brought the the gaming media’s attention to an article written by news agency the Reuters which claims that:

Electronic Arts has a pair of horror offerings for gamers. The publisher recently shipped “Dead Space: Extraction” for Wii, which is a prequel to last fall’s Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC hit. “Dead Space 2” is in development for next year.

All I can say to that is…WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Dead Space is currently my favoriate game this entire generation, and Dead Space: Extraction was a hell of a good game even though it was on the Wii. So more Dead Space is fantastic news to me. I really hope this is true.

What do you folks say? Ready for more Dead Space?



There’s been an explosion of gameplay footage for the PSP version of Dante’s Inferno, and I must say I’m super impressed. The art style looks great, and I could even see parts in there that looked liked what I played on the PS3 version at PAX.

It has a super smooth framerate, great animations, and the graphics look top-notch for the PSP. Looks like this is a solid port of the console game for PSP owners.

Check out the videos below.


Systems – Xbox 360 Indie’s

Developer – Bootdisk Revolution

Price – 240 ($3.00) Microsoft Points [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Genre – Action/Platformer

Frequency is a side-scrolling platformer game of the type like Mega Man games, you play as the robot ‘Grey’ who gets reactivated by the last survivors of humanity on an unknown continent where a machine named ‘Nemesis’ has rebelled against humanity. He has created a system called the Simulation, forcing the other robots to become his slaves. It’s your job to tear down the Simulation, defeat Nemesis, and save humanity from complete extinction.

It’s a very Asimovian story, exploring what it means to be alive and what it means to have a soul and become a person. Sometimes the dialog is a ‘iffy in places, and the story can sometimes become confusing but it’s good enough to mention that there’s something else interesting here apart from the gameplay.


What you have here is a very solid and well-made action/platformer that’ll instantly feel familiar to you if you frequent these types of games. What sets the game apart is its color-switching mechanic. You can have up to three different colors which you can switch your character to, in effect they shoot different colored energy beams.

The trick here is that your ammo meter is also your health meter so you’ll have to be careful of your shots, and to recharge your meter you must suck the color out of the environment and enemies by holding down the Left Trigger. It’s an interesting way of managing your health and ammo that works well.

Another fancy thing you can do is that your beams of color energy can change the landscape around you, the game takes advantages with this system and offers a couple simple puzzles for you to solve. It’s nice they had the feature, but I wished they made some more interesting and complex puzzles.

indie 3

My first playthrough of the game took about 50 minutes which seems short for 3 dollars, but surprisingly they added a whole new mode called ‘White’ mode. It has a completely different, and better, storyline, tougher enemies, a completely new power to use, and an entire new level which is probably the best level in the game. White mode is where the game really takes off and flows together well, with a very satisfying climax that the normal game mode lacked. You’re going to want to play this mode as it’s better than the normal mode, and will take you about 50 minutes to an hour to beat.

One of the biggest oddities to me was that you lacked the ability to crouch and shoot at enemies. This was very frustrating as one of the enemies is like one of those vacuum robot things, and the only way to hit it is to jump around and shoot down hoping you hit it before it zooms over and hits you.

Speaking of frustrating enemies, a couple of the enemies in the game can get super cheap. For example there’s this flying enemies that has the ability to phase through the environment, which he then can do a dash attack up through the platform you’re standing on and deal massive damage to you, and before you can attack it does another dash move going down that hits you again and puts it back in a place where you can’t shoot it.


Overall Frequency is a very solid action/platformer with an interesting color mechanic, entertaining story, and an awesome unlockable mode that gives you a great reason to replay the game. A little bit of me wishes that the game had more puzzles, but the experience is so fast-paced that too many puzzles would probably slow it down quite a bit.

Unfortunately cheap enemies and the odd ability not to crouch and shoot at times makes the game more frustrating then it should be. But overall Frequency is an entertaining and fun experience that I recommend to fans of the action/platformer genre, and people looking for a great Xbox Live Indie game.